Saturday, June 18, 2016

Sneak Peeks - Day 1 - Happy 10 years!!!!

Ten years ago I was introduced to Stamping Bella by my friends Karen and Dana who were both BellaBabes themselves.  I remember driving to the store on a Saturday morning and just looking and looking and being SO happy....I called it my "happy place"!  I was sold on the Bella line immediately and one day while in the store with my two pals....who should come in but the Queen Bella herself - EMILY!!  I was over the moon at meeting her in person.  Here's my photo of us that day.  I am so happy and proud to now be part of Emily's Bellababe team! 

So TODAY is the first day of the sneak peeks at Stamping Bella!!!!  It's 10 years since Emily started this absolutely fun, creative, so-true-to-life stamp company!  Happy Anniversary Emily!  If you haven't already looked at Day 1 click here and check them out!  There will be sneak peeks every day until June 25, (Emily's birthday), and then you can order!!  

And don't forget to leave a comment there, as Emily will pick a random comment each day and the winner will win the new image!


1 comment:

Dana White said...

Oh our happy place. We spent so much time there it was fabulous. But look at my hair. Glad the blonde highlights are a thing of the past!