Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Bliss

There is no better way for me to start my day than with a Starbucks.  I love when the Christmas cups come out and this year's cups are some of my favourites.    

My local Starbucks is fantastic (they know me by name and drink) and I wanted to make them a special Christmas card.  I used this card and personalized it for them.  I copied one of their cups this year so Frosty could start his day with a Starbucks too!

You know when you made a card and it just makes you SO happy?  This is that card for me!  I am super excited to give it to them!

Oh, and if you're thinking that cup is a bit big for Frosty....well, it IS a Venti!  :)



Karen Motz said...

This is adorable and oh, sooooooo creative!

Dana White said...

Flipping brilliant for your peeps at Starbucks.