Sunday, April 3, 2011

Best Boss Birthday

It’s my boss’s birthday today and some of you know how long I’ve worked with him and how well we get along but for those who don’t, let me tell you….I’m really lucky to have him for my boss.  He is an outstanding gentleman, well respected, an excellent surgeon and has a wonderful sense of humour – he’s a delight to work with!  It is also his wife’s birthday today – how smart is he, marrying someone with the same birthday so he’ll never forget?!  Now my boss doesn’t read my blog so I’m not worried he’ll see his card here before he gets it in person tomorrow.  His wife however DOES read my blog so, Anna, you’ll just have to wait until you get yours in person tomorrow! :)
For this card I reached for one of my sketches (MFTWSC13) and it came together pretty quickly from there.  I know I’ve said it before about sketches but they really have changed my life.  I was always slightly scared of them but they make making a card so easy.  I used Scenic Route “Grafton” paper, SU kiwi kiss, tangerine tango and of course, as it was a MFT sketch, I used “Worlds Best Doctor” – the perfect stamp for the perfect boss!  I kept it pretty simple with no bling, no glitter, just a tiny bow on the button.  I tried a bit of sewing again and it went sew-sew (sorry, couldn't resist!) but sheesh, is there a trick to keeping a straight line?  Anyone?  I was stamping with Karen last night (she in her stamp room in the US and me in my stamp room in Canada = Skype).  The beauty of stamping with a friend is that you can say “what do you think about this colour?  this paper? or this?”  Karen gave me a great copic tip for the lab coat.  I had used the YG93 and YG95 copic and it turned out much darker than I wanted.  Karen said to remove some with the 0 copic and then go over the whole coat again with a brighter copic.  I did that and went over it all with YG13 and it turned out pretty much the colour I had wanted.  So, thanks Karen and remember even if you're stamping friends live in different countries you can still stamp with them…on skype!!  Well, that’s it for the World’s Best Doctor’s birthday! 



Dana White said...

He is so cute! You did a fabulous job with the colours. I want to stamp with you some time; I know the time difference makes it tricky!

Anonymous said...

Good grief - you've sewed again! I almost got tingly anticipating the straight lines.

How many glasses of wine did you have?

Put a piece of tape next to the presser foot as a guide and you'll have perfectly straight lines.

Sewing 5
Creativity 10

Coloring 10

Wish the boss happy birthday for me.

YKW (you know who)

Karen Motz said...

Well, Leslie, the finished product turned out AMAZING!!! It was so fun to see it all starting to come together...then my sad battery needed seeing this all finished is awesome!!! Oh, wait, you showed it to me when we skyped today! What a fun weekend stamping with my friend!!!

Anna Semple said...

Just saw this Leslie! So clever! Beautiful colors! Am dying to see mine tomorrow.
xo Anna

Dr. S said...

This is the boss speaking. This is the first time I've read your blog and possibly the last but I just wanted to thank you for all your kind words and that to say to your readers that is a credit to how busy you are with all you do for me that I had to write that blog myself. Truthfully, it's been great working with you these past 20 odd years and here's to twenty more!!

Anonymous said...

Girl, this is amazing! I haven't used him yet and now that I see him not in a white coat, I love him more, thanks for that!

Helen said...

Dr S went bald???????????????????? Fab card, lovely colours, great design, embossing etc